Easy Ways to Share Your Tithes, Offerings, & Gifts with Hope Presbyterian Church

You are always welcome to share your tithes, offerings and gifts on Sunday mornings during worship or in the offering boxes located by our bulletins and in the lobby.

We’ve included additional options for giving below for your convenience. Some of the options are free and others have additional fees. Details are listed.

OPTION 1: Bill Pay

“Bill Pay” is a feature that your bank offers at no extra cost to you or to Hope Church. If you currently use ‘Online Banking’ to pay some of your bills, you can add Hope Presbyterian Church to your automatic payments.  For many financial institutions, this is as simple as adding a ‘Payee’.  If unsure, contact your financial institution for detailed instructions.

OPTION 2: Give to Hope Church via the PCA Foundation

This option allows you to give directly to the General Fund from your checking account, savings account, or a credit card (no fee to you) to Hope Presbyterian Church through the PCA Foundation. There is a fee to Hope Church for this option ($1 up to $500; $3 up to $1000; $5 over $1000). To utilize this option please click here to donate securely.

Please Note: The PCA Foundation will provide your tax donation receipt at the end of the year on donations made via this option. 

OPTION 3: Text to Give

(There is a charge to Hope Church.)

  1. Text 833-405-5128 and enter the desired amount you wish to donate and the designated fund. Follow this example: 20 GENERAL or 20 DEACON
  2. Please note the space between the last number and the first letter of the desired fund.
  3. Click the registration link and enter your payment information
  4. Receive a verification text as well as a receipt
  5. Text-to-Give User Guide

OPTION 4: Online Giving

  1. To get started, click on the online giving image to the left.
  2. If it’s your first time giving, be sure to click on the Create Profile button.
  3. Then, follow the onscreen instructions to create on online profile and to schedule recurring contributions.
  4. You can donate to the general fund and/or the deacon’s fund.

Hope Presbyterian Church does incur a cost for offering this convenience to you. If you are able, please consider adding 3% to your donation amount to defray the cost of credit/debit card giving, and 2% for debit/ACH payments. Thank you.