At Hope Presbyterian Church, the littlest members of our covenant community hold a big place in our hearts! 

Christian Education

Christian education is offered for Kindergarten through Adult. We are committed to building up the body with the Word of God and strive to build up the body in its knowledge of God, love for him, and love for one another. 

Men’s Ministry

Our men meet for prayer, fellowship and the study of God’s word, seeking to honor and glorify God in all they do.

Women’s Ministry

The women’s ministry at Hope is a living, breathing expression of our unity in Christ. Our desire is to serve one another in both tangible and intangible ways.

Family & Youth

What can the Church offer to kids who have everything? What is the only thing that we can provide that they can find nowhere else?

An identity and a community built on the perfection of a gracious Savior and a Father who is pleased with them because of what Jesus has done.


Hope Presbyterian Church is pleased to partner with the following missionaries as they testify to the grace of God in Jesus Christ throughout the world.


Sunday Morning Worship at Hope is above all, Christ centered and cross focused. This means you can expect to hear about sin and its only solution, the cross of Christ, at every worship service. 

Our order of worship is traditional and liturgical in nature. This means that there is a rhythm to our worship that always leads us to the cross.