Sunday Morning Worship at Hope is above all, Christ centered and cross focused. This means you can expect to hear about sin and its only solution, the cross of Christ, at every worship service. 

Our order of worship is traditional and liturgical in nature. This means that there is a rhythm to our worship that always leads us to the cross.

Worship at Hope is also participatory. As a congregation we sing together, confess our sins together, pray together and listen to the preaching of the word together. All of these things done in unison are expressions of our common brokenness and oneness in Christ.

The music of worship at Hope is a mix of old and new as we draw on both the ancient wisdom that has been handed down to us throughout generations of believers and as we obey the scripture’s call to “sing a new song.” This also helps us to affirm one another and build connections across the generational spectrum at Hope. In our desire to keep Jesus and not ourselves at the forefront, we try not to draw too much attention to the music itself by being neither performance-based nor poorly executed. Scripture calls us to play our worship music skillfully. 

Worship at Hope is intergenerational. While nursery care and children’s church are offered during the sermon, children of all ages are welcomed to participate in worship as they are fellow worshipers with us. The worship service is their rightful place alongside us as they learn and grow. 

You can expect all of the following at every Sunday Morning Worship service at Hope:

  • A time to greet and welcome one another
  • A call to worship, usually from the Psalms
  • Some traditional hymns
  • Prayer, both corporate and pastoral
  • Corporate and private confession of sins
  • Some contemporary worship songs
  • Old and New Testament readings
  • Assurance of pardon
  • An affirmation of faith using a confession or creed of the church
  • Presentation of Tithes & Offerings (members & regular attenders)
  • A sermon about 30 – 40 minutes long
  • The Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper on the first and third Sunday of each month
  • A Pastoral Benediction (blessing)

Sample Liturgy